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New BlackBerrys Being Revealed Tomorrow?

blackberry os 7 twitter post

We know a lot of you are very excited for the upcoming new Bold 9900/9930 (depending on of if your on AT&T/T-Mobile or Sprint/Verizon), but sadly ever since it was first announced in April RIM hasn’t said anything more such as when exactly we can expect it or some of the other rumored new BlackBerrys (like the new Torch, Curve or Storm). Well, looking at this latest tweet from BlackBerry we’ll hopefully have some of those answers soon. Like tomorrow soon.

The tweet, which you see above, is from the official BlackBerry Twitter account and teases some new info coming tomorrow on BlackBerry OS 7 devices (like that Bold Touch and new Torch, Curve and Storm!). And seeing as we already know a lot about OS 7 since it was announced back in April with the Bold Touch, hopefully these new “deets” will include some info on when exactly some of the new BlackBerrys will be in stores and for how much.

So BlackBerry fans stay tuned– it looks like the info you’ve all been waiting for will finally be revealed soon. And make sure to check back here tomorrow for whatever it is BlackBerry has to share.


Is This A BlackBerry Slider?!?

Is this the BlackBerry Slider?

BlackBerry fans out there- brace yourself. What we’re about to tell you is pretty HUGE news. Like seriously HUGE.

As you can see in the pic above, pix are leaking out all over the web of this– a BlackBerry that isn’t just touchscreen and isn’t just a regular BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard– BUT BOTH, in a sleek-looking slider design.

Unfortunately, all that we have to go on is the pix (thanks to a site called BBLeaks)– which look to feature a touchscreen (though no SurePress as with the Storm), the new trackpad, and of course that awesome slide out full QWERTY keyboard. All in a design that doesn’t look to be much thicker than a Curve.

The BlackBerry Slider– closed and with the Curve

Ok, now for what some of the rumors on what else could be in this mysterious device. According to Boy Genius Report, this phone will run BlackBerry OS 6.0 (today’s BlackBerrys like the Bold 9700 are on 5.0, hopefully this new OS begins to separate itself from the same old BlackBerry OS we’ve been seeing for years), as well as pack WiFi capability with wireless N, for getting onto the latest and greatest WiFi networks out there. The device is also expected to use GSM/HSPA, the tech for networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, unlike the Storm, which is a Verizon exclusive (though that does not necessarily confirm nor deny the phone, or a version of it, to any of the networks). Additionally, according to CrackBerry, the Slider will also be a part of the Bold line– not the Storm.

This is clearly in the very early stages of rumors (yes, just to make sure it’s all loud and clear– this is still a rumor), but a rumor that looks to be absolutely awesome and one were hoping RIM makes official ASAP. What you think– would you buy a BlackBerry if it was a slider like this, or do you prefer your BlackBerrys to remain the same in terms of design? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Verizon May Launch Storm at $100

Blackberry Storm- Your’s for $100 bucks?

Yup, you read that right. Rumor — and by rumor we mean MAJOR rumor — is that Verizon is actually considering pricing the Blackberry Storm at $99, making it $100 cheaper than the 8 GB iPhone 3G, and $30 and $80 cheaper than the Instinct and G1 respectively. This would be awesome especially with the holiday season right around the corner (its November now folks!).

The Storm is expected to launch any day this month (when exactly is still unknown), and at this price Verizon will likely require a very expensive Blackberry plan for it.

For all of those who wanna know what’s so great with this Blackberry Storm, check out our previous post here.

But we gotta ask- would an $100 Storm be enough to make you join “The Network” or are you gonna stick with an iPhone, Instinct, Dare or G1? Would you buy one of those other phones if they also got a nice holiday price cut? Sound off in the comments.

Info from Techland (a Fortune/CNN blog).

Blackberry Storm Officially Announced for Verizon!

The newly official Blackberry Storm for Verizon!

Turns out all you Verizon users will have more than just some new Motorola phones to chose from this holiday season. After many long (and really just annoying) days of rumors on when Verizon would finally unleash the first ever touchscreen Blackberry– the Blackberry Storm– Verizon and Research in Motion (or RIM for short, the makers of Blackberry’s) just made it official, with an expected release coming in November!

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