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YouTube: Now Playing Full Movies For Free!


Yup you read that right- YouTube is now playing full length movies online for FREE! This is big news, and a real blow to Hulu, which until now, was the only LEGAL (yeah we know YouTube always had movies online for free 😉 ) way to watch TV shows and movies. Like Hulu, advertisements will be inserted by the video, you know to keep this all free.

Don’t get too excited though: these movies are right now only from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (aka MGM), and the movies aren’t among the most recent — like the old American Gladiators (not the TV show that was on NBC a few years back).

But hey, the big thing here is that movies are starting to come to YouTube, and hopefully soon we’ll have some more modern movies, possibly from even some other companies (though don’t count on FOX or NBC/Universal coming soon– the two companies created Hulu).

Anyways, what you think- you gonna watch more movies from the internet now, which site would you rather use for movies- Hulu or YouTube? Sound off in the comments.

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PS3 E3 Conference Round Up

Ok, this is not as interesting or feature filled as Microsoft and Nintendo‘s conferences, but Sony did come out with some interesting things like a higher capacity PS3, new PS2 bundle (not everyone made the jump to the “next-gen” consoles), a new video download store and more. For all the info, just hit the “More” link.

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Watch Movies and Videos on your PS3!!!

It has been a long time since Microsoft gave their Xbox 360 the ability to download and watch HD Movies and TV shows, but starting this summer, Sony will install the same feature in their PS3 system. For the details on this new add on to the PS3 hit the more link.

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