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Back To School Deal of The Day: PS3 Now Only $249

sony ps3 slim

Sure it’s no free Xbox 360, but if you were looking for a PS3 for your dorm room now is probably the best time to get one. Sony this week has announced that they have dropped the PS3’s price $50, with the 160 GB version now starting at $249 and the 320 GB version coming in at $299. Sure it’s not a huge price drop, but we’ll gladly take it and it’s a pretty solid deal particularly if you don’t plan on buying a new laptop for school (or aren’t buying one at the minimum $690 to get the Xbox 360 deal).

And it’s even better when you think of everything else a PS3 can do beyond gaming, like watch Blu-ray movies, stream videos from Netflix/Hulu Plus/YouTube, go online from your TV,  or even watch games with the MLB.TV or new NFL Sunday Ticket apps (which is also coming to the PS3 this season and you don’t need to have DirecTV to use it. The NFL Sunday Ticket app does need you to pay a pretty expensive $339.95 for the season— or $5 more than what DirecTV subscribers pay– but you do get access to 14 out-of-market games per weekend and the Red Zone Channel, all in HD).

If you’re going off to college and want TV but don’t want to pay the crazy cable/satellite fees (or are just looking to save serious money by ditching cable/satellite entirely), the PS3 and its new price look to be perfect for you.

Hulu Out Now for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad; PS3 and Xbox 360 Support Coming Soon

The day has finally come– Hulu is finally here for the iOS devices, meaning all of us with an iPod touch, iPhone and/or iPad can finally watch Hulu on our iDevice! This is HUGE no question about it.

So what is this new Hulu that is finally spreading off the traditional computer? Called Hulu Plus, it is pretty much a mini Hulu in the regard that it won’t offer all that the traditional online offers. Though don’t under-estimate this, it’s still awesome; offering every episode of this season’s shows from FOX, ABC and NBC (along with their respective sub-channels like USA, FX and ABC Family), as well as seasons from some older TV shows no longer on the air (and even older seasons for some shows still currently on the air)  for $10 a month. Oh, and you can watch on WiFi AND 3G.

Now I know what your thinking “$10 for Hulu? Is this some kind of joke?” Sadly, no, it’s what’s happening and it stinks that their charging now for this, but what can you do (there is by the way a very small group of free episodes and clips and the app itself is also free); and considering all the content that it offers, it isn’t really such a terrible deal (particularly for those who watch a ton of TV or don’t want to spend the $30 a month for cable and want to still want to watch their shows anywhere).

Hulu Plus is also coming soon to a whole bunch of other devices, including: PS3 (next month), Xbox 360 (sometime early next year for Xbox Live Gold members), and a whole bunch of Samsung, Sony and Vizio TV’s as well as internet connected Blu-Ray players later this year.

For now though, check out all the info on Hulu Plus at Hulu’s site here, and head to the App Store and download Hulu Plus for yourself today. Oh, and do let us know what you think about all this– are you gonna pay $10 a month for this?– in the comments.

Live ESPN Coming to the Xbox 360?

What with Facebook, Netflix and Twitter already playing on Xbox Live, and with a new Halo and, of course, Project Natal coming out later this year, you’d think Microsoft has done enough to pump up 360 owners for another great year. Well, for all us 360 owners who love all things sports and ESPN, things look to be getting even better.

According to the New York Times, Microsoft is having “super secret” meetings with Walt Disney Co. (the owners of more than Disney land and Disney channel—they also own ABC and ESPN) in order to bring live streaming of ESPN to the 360 (think kinda like the current ESPN360, we know—a perfect name, that lets you watch live games on you computer).

The rumors also say that, unfortunately, this may require some sort of subscriber fee, though if its any consolation, it might be live streaming and some interactive games. Of course seeing as neither Microsoft and Walt Disney haven’t said anything on the topic, take this as an awesome rumor for now.

And I believe this very well could happen. Microsoft over the past couple of years have pushed something called IPTV, or TV over the internet, with the 360 helping drive its case. Getting ESPN and perhaps other Disney-owned channels would be a great way to really build this service up and really make the case for people to ditch their regular cable or satellite.

What you think? You think/want this to happen? You watch any movies or do other things with your 360 beyond gaming? Do you want the 360 to become your “cable box?” Sound off in the comments.

Info from the New York Times. Pic from Engadget

3D Coming to a Television Near You?

Have you seen James Cameron’s Avatar? If you were impressed by the usage of 3D by Cameron to immerse you in the world of Pandora, then you will be amazed by sports and TV in 3D. One of the big themes last week at CES was 3DTV’s in the home and coming this June DirecTV will begin broadcasting a few channels in 3D and one of the big headlines here, is that sports will also be in 3D. Fox Sports and ESPN are already on board to begin showing some games in 3D this summer, though if sports ain’t your thing, don’t worry a number of other broadcasting companies will join them including:

  • TBS
  • NBC
  • MTV
  • and CBS

To go along with 3DTV there will be also be Blu-ray players that can play Blu-ray in 3D! The first Blu-ray player that can play 3D was announced from Sony last and is called the BDP-S770 (this is in addition to Sony updating the PS3 to 3D)

And finally, to go along with 3DTV a bunch of new TVs have been announced that can handle 3D. One in particular is the Sony Barvia LX900 which will come in sizes ranging from 40 – 60 inches, and will be able to broadcast 3D in full 1080P HD.

Now, you’re probably thinking, out of all the 3D movies I have seen, I’ve always had to wear glasses, do I have to wear them in my own house? The answer is for now, yes. There are glasses that will come along with the TVs that will allow you to see the television broadcast in 3D, though there are a lot of companies working on 3D without the annoying glass.

Are YOU Ready for the Digital TV Transition?

dtv transition

Today is June 12th, which means if you don’t have cable or satellite TV, or a digital converter box, then you probably aren’t getting TV anymore.

Why? Well if you haven’t seen the news recently (or any of the many ads about it both on TV and online), the TV signals will be switching to digital tomorrow from analog, as per a law passed by the government. The reason for the law? Its benefits will very soon be amazing. See, the analog TV previously used till now for the air stations like CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. (stations you can get with an antenna for instance, which are free “over the air”), use something called the 700 MHz spectrum. Basically, the government wanted to clear up this spectrum for a number of reasons, but the most relevant one to you is: Verizon and AT&T will use this for their 4G networks. Not only does this rake in a whole lot of cash –over $1 BILLION! — for the government, but it will allow for plenty of air for Verizon and AT&T to begin their intended rollouts of  their 4G networks later this year and early next year, respectively. Both of their upcoming 4G networks should be INSANELY FAST but we’ll cover 4G networks later in another post.

So what can you do now to adapt to this new transition to digital? For one, you can always use this as an excuse to jump to cable or satellite, and get yourself a boatload of extra channels as I’m sure your well aware of (yeah, we thought you’d want that as your first choice). You can also order a $40 coupon the government is giving out to purchase a converter box to attach to your antenna and TV, which will essentially give you all your current, standard, “over the air” channels in a much better digital, near HD picture. You can read about the transition and order the coupon here, which will arrive in a couple days (I ordered mine about a week ago and got it Wednesday). You can then buy the converter box at a bunch of places, including Best Buy, CVS and Radio Shack among many.

So there you got it. Now go out there and get your converter box, and let us what you think of this new “digital TV revolution”: you getting better picture and sound, exicted for the future 4G networks coming because of this transition?

First Look and Hands On: Samsung Instinct

We know, we know- this phone has been out since late last month and that Apple has something new coming Friday. But we finally got our hands on one and better late than never 🙂 . This phone is insanely awesome and read below to hear our take.

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Watch Movies and Videos on your PS3!!!

It has been a long time since Microsoft gave their Xbox 360 the ability to download and watch HD Movies and TV shows, but starting this summer, Sony will install the same feature in their PS3 system. For the details on this new add on to the PS3 hit the more link.

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Hulu- A new way to watch TV

Today a new internet service was launched called Hulu. This service is a joint program made by TV companies Fox and NBC. The goal of this new service is to broadcast TV shows online for free legally (not on YouTube or other sites where people sometimes post them illegally). This doesn’t only include TV shows from those two companies, it also has shows from other networks they own (NBC Universal, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, FX etc.), as well as the NBA, NHL, and other sites. It also has movie clips from their 2 movie companies (20th Century Fox, Universal Studios) as well as other movie companies, and they actually have some of those clips up now from movies like Dodgeball, Napoleon Dynamite etc., free to view on the site. The site is up today and if you want to check it out than just go to


UPDATE: Hulu now has full movies available for viewing for free.

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