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Back To School 2012: Why You Should Wait To Buy That New Phone

back to school phones

Thought all those changes coming to computers were big? Well, they’re nothing compared to what’s about to happen with phones. All the big players– Android, Windows Phone and of course, the iPhone– are due for major upgrades within the next month (we’re talking iPhone 5 big). And while there are some great deals available for today’s phones, we really think you should wait a little bit longer before signing that new 2 year contract. As we’ve said, these are huge changes.

So, what can we expect? Read on.

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No, Facebook Will Not Make You Have To Pay For The New Updates

facebook status scam

An example of some of the many Facebook scam statuses

By now you’ve probably heard the news that there will be some major changes to Facebook coming out over the next few days/weeks, including a whole new design for your profile called Timeline (which we’re not gonna get into right now, but basically it allows you to fill in all your memories from literally the time you were born in to your Facebook profile so it’ll be available online for all your friends to see forever. Yes, it’s that creepy. More info here). Now whether or not you like the new Facebook (other updates include the new chat and the new News Feed which you’ve already probably seen if you’ve logged on to Facebook this past week), one of the big things we’ve been asked since the announcement were if the statuses like the ones you see above were true. These status said that unless you re-posted the status you’ll have to start paying a monthly fee to use Facebook. Put simply, this is all a scam and completely untrue.

facebook homepage

Ever get one of those annoying mass texts that said that if you forward said text to (insert number of friends here) some company/organization/cat will donate money to a cause or that the next person you see will be your soul mate and you’ll live happy ever after forever? Sorry to say but like these Facebook statuses these are all scams and are completely made up by random people for fun. The only thing that will happen if you post them or forward them is you’ll end up annoying someone else. Facebook is free, and as they write on their homepage (which you can see for yourself if you log out), it always will be. No monthly fees, no subscriptions to get the updates– everything is free (I mean, Facebook needs you to want to continue to use their site. It’s how they make billions selling ads).

So if you see one of your friends falling for this latest scam feel free to calm them down and let them know that everything will be ok and that Facebook will still be free even after this latest update comes out.

Pic from Mashable

iPhone 3G Getting Updated?

iPhone 3G- now with double the memory?

With all this talk (covered by us here) of new touchscreen phones going to Verizon (Blackberry Storm), and T-Mobile (HTC Dream/G1, as it is now going by), as well as Sprint’s Samsung Instinct App Store release date nearing (October 10 is when the winners of the contest for best apps should be announced, and we assume the time when we will also then get more word on when this “App Store” will launch), it is only right to go back to the phone that started all this touchscreen madness: the iPhone and its successor, the iPhone 3G.

The latest rumor we got for you today is that as soon as next week, Apple could be updating the iPhone 3G to 32 GB of storage (moving the 16 GB model to where the 8 GB is now, and dropping the 8 GB entirely), and may even go back to in-home activation!

These are two updates I would personally love because I now get a much-needed, bigger iPod for my music and videos (I right now am on an old, original 1st Gen 4 GB Nano), a better cell phone (I am on AT&T), and the fact that I can handle the whole activating process from my computer — and not have to deal with all the craziness of lines and such that go on in Apple and AT&T stores — would be AWESOME!!!

Let’s hope this comes true and soon, but in the meantime: would you go for this “new” iPhone 3G, and hold off your existing purchase of an iPhone or one of these other upcoming phones for different carriers (see top), or are you just gonna say “This isn’t going to happen, and I want my iPhone 3G/LG Dare or Samsung Instinct NOW!” Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments.

Info from Apple