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HTC Announces Their First US Beats Phone: Meet The HTC Rezound

htc rezound

As expected, HTC today finally announced their first US Beats phone– the HTC Rezound. If you’re looking for a superphone that’s also an amazing media phone this is the phone for you.

Specs wise it’s everything we heard it would be: 1.5 GHZ dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM (even faster than the already quick Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus), support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network, Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense8 megapixel back camera with a second 2 megapixel front camera for HD video chat4.3 inch 720p HD screen (or the same, awesome HDTV-like screen as the Galaxy Nexus) and of course, built-in Beats Audio (so everything sounds just amazing as it looks) with 32 GB of storage (16 built-in and 16 on an included microSD card).

HTC today did though add in two major details we didn’t know: it will be getting the latest version of Android, the upcoming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, early next year (which is huge considering the amount of Android phones that get announced and never get updated to the latest and greatest. We’re really glad Verizon and HTC are promising not to let that happen here), and that it will also come with Beats earbuds in the box!

htc rezound 1

All in all, between this, the Droid RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus we gotta say– now is a pretty awesome time to have an upgrade on Verizon. The Rezound will be available for $299.99 with  new 2 year contract and data plan when it launches on November 14th.


Is HTC Announcing Their First US Beats Phone This Week?

htc beats event november

Excited for Verizon’s upcoming HTC superphone, the HTC Rezound with built-in Beats Audio? Well, it looks like your wait may soon be over. HTC has sent out invites for an event in New York this Thursday (November 3rd) where they are going to show off their “latest innovation,” an innovation that from the invite above looks to have a lot to do with Beats. And seeing as the latest rumors have the Rezound coming out exactly one week after this event (on November 10th), this looks to be the perfect place for it to finally be announced.

For those who don’t know, the Rezound looks to be one beast of a phone, with incredible specs like: a 1.5 GHZ dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM (even faster than the already quick Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus), support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network, 8 megapixel back camera with a second 2 megapixel front camera for HD video chat, 4.3 inch 720p HD screen (or the same, awesome HDTV-like screen as the Galaxy Nexus) and of course, built-in Beats Audio (so everything sounds just amazing as it looks). Yeah, it’s pretty insane (and this is before we find out if HTC will include some sort of Beats headphones in the box like they did with their first Beats phone, the non-US Sensation XE. Let’s hope they do!).

As always we’ll have everything covered for you back here, so make sure to check back on Thursday for everything you’re gonna need to know on whatever new awesomeness HTC announces.

Are Motorola and Verizon Announcing The Droid RAZR Next Week?

motorola verizon droid razr invite

If you thought the Atrix 2 was a quick upgrade you ain’t seen nothing yet. Motorola and Verizon have sent out invites for a big event next Tuesday, October 18th, teasing some new devices that are “faster, thinner, smarter, stronger.” And while we’re not sure exactly what devices will be shown off next week, the latest rumors are that we’ll not only see a new Xoom 2 (an upgrade to the original Xoom from earlier this year)– but also the all new Droid RAZR, a super Verizon Android phone that looks to be right up there with Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime. Yeah, and this is only a month after the Droid Bionic finally came out. 


droid razr rumor pic

A rumored shot of the upcoming Droid RAZR (pic from Engadget)

The rumored specs on the Droid RAZR (though it may also be called the Droid HD) are everything you’d expect of a new top of the line superphone: 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM (for excellent speed), a 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED screen (or an amazing screen that should be right up there with the iPhone 4S’s Retina Display and Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus screens), an 8 megapixel back camera with an HD front camera (for HD video chat), support for Verizon’s blazing fast 4G LTE network, and a casing made from Kelvar (or a casing from the same material that’s used to make bulletproof vests— yeah, this would definitely be stronger!). Yeah– this looks to be insane.

As usual Motorola put out a teaser video for next week’s big announcement (a video that has a lot of bullets and even a picture of a bulletproof vest at the 20 second mark) which we’ve added after the break. As usual we’ll have all the info you need to know covered for you back here, but if you’re looking for a new Verizon phone we really think you should try to wait it out until next week.

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Verizon Is Changing Data Plans On Thursday– What You Need To Know

verizon logo

Well, we knew this was coming at some point but unfortunately it’s finally here– the true beginning of the end of unlimited data. Starting this Thursday, July 7th, Verizon will stop offering its current smartphone data plans of $30 a month for unlimited data and instead switch to what’s known as tiered data plans. Tiered data plans are certain amounts of data a month with different amounts being offered for different prices (this is what AT&T started last year with its $15 a month for 250 MB or $25 a month for 2 GB data plans).

The new Verizon plans will be: $30 a month for 2 GB (good for a lot of email, BBM and web browsing/Facebook checking and some video watching and video chatting), $50 a month for 5 GB (good for a lot of video watching and video chatting), and $80 a month for 10 GB. Yeah, it’s nowhere near as good of a deal as the current $30 for unlimited (if you go over your limit for example, you’re looking at $10 for each additional GB), and we do wish Verizon added a cheaper plan for those who don’t use the internet as much from their phones (like what AT&T does with it’s $15 a month for 250 MB)– but what can ya do.

So what does this mean to you, dear reader with a Verizon smartphone? Well, don’t freak out about this just yet– Verizon has also confirmed that those new data plans are for new accounts only and anyone who currently has an unlimited $30 data plan can keep that plan even after you upgrade and regardless of if you have a 3G or 4G phone. In terms of upgrading from a feature phone that doesn’t already have a data plan, Verizon hasn’t officially said if you could get an older unlimited plan (as like a sort of loyalty thing), but if we had to guess you’re gonna have to get one of those new tiered ones.

In short, if you were thinking of switching to Verizon (or upgrading to a smartphone), we recommend you do it really soon.

More info at Fierce Wireless

The Teen Review: HTC ThunderBolt

thunderbolt cover pic

Verizon’s first few months of 2011 have been very impressive– the iPhone, expansion of the 4G LTE network and the launch of  their first two 4G LTE phones– the HTC ThunderBolt and Samsung Droid Charge. For the past couple of weeks we had to a chance to test out Verizon’s first 4G phone, the ThunderBolt, with its killer 4.3 inch screen, 8 megapixel back camera with 1.3 megapixel front for video chat, fast 1 GHZ processor and of course, that blazing fast 4G LTE (spoiler: it’s ridiculously fast). To say this phone is loaded would be a dramatic understatement. But how do these impressive specs hold up in real life, and more importantly, if your on Verizon is it worth being your next phone?

For all that and more read on for our full teen review!

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The Teen First Look: Verizon’s HTC ThunderBolt

htc thunderbolt first look

The ThunderBolt, Verizon’s first 4G LTE phone. Blazing fast and we’re not even talking about the data speeds. We checked it out at CTIA and for Verizon users looking for a new phone today, this looks to be an excellent choice.

htc thunderbolt first look browser

Design wise the ThunderBolt is a bit thicker than other HTC phones like the G2, Inspire 4G and EVO 4G (and it felt like it was thicker than the new EVO 3D for that matter, but we couldn’t get the 2 side by side), but not too thick that it won’t fit into your pocket. The screen on the ThunderBolt was, like HTC’s other phone, incredibly sharp. Everything we saw on it looked clear and bright and together with the 1 GHZ processor made using the phone a smooth and enjoyable experience.

htc thunderbolt first look back

The ThunderBolt also packs a 8 megapixel back camera and 1.3 megapixel front camera, which in our quick look seemed to perform very well as well. And of course like pretty much all of HTC’s Android phones, the ThunderBolt packs the latest in HTC Sense on top of Android 2.2 (which will be upgraded to Android 2.3 at some point).

htc thunderbolt first look speed test

Yeah, its crazy fast– and this is in an area packed with Verizon 4G devices!

Oh, and the 4G? It’s ridiculously fast. In a packed area (this was at CTIA, a cell phone show, after all) the ThunderBolt still got beyond impressive 4G speeds, with pages loading near instantly and videos playing without any buffering or waiting. Unfortunately we couldn’t test out the battery given the short time we had with the phone.

The ThunderBolt is available now for $249.99 with a new 2 year contract from Verizon.

It’s Official: Verizon and HTC Finally Launching the ThunderBolt This Thursday

htc thunderbolt

Wow this week looks to be quite the week for new cell phones. First pics show up of the next version of the Incredible, then Sprint announces price and launch info for their dual-screen Kyocera Echo, and then T-Mobile took the wraps off the new Sidekick 4G. Today, this week of awesome cell phone news continues with Verizon and HTC finally revealing when Verizon’s first 4G LTE phone will finally be available. When is this elusive date and how much will this 4G beast cost you? Try this Thursday, March 17th, for $249.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan.

We know the cost seems like a bit much (all the other 4G phones on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all are under $200), but considering all that you get here it’s not too bad. A brief recap of the specs:

  • 4.3 inch Super LCD screen– Basically, an awesome screen.
  • 8 megapixel back camera with HD video recording with front facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video chat–Just like the EVO 4G. And while the 1.3 megapixel isn’t as insane as that dream rumor of 5 megapixel for the front, it’s still pretty impressive and should offer some solid video chat of its own.
  • Android 2.2 with HTC Sense 2.0– As seen on the Inspire 4G for AT&T
  • Skype mobile  with video chat– Though this won’t be available right from launch.
  • 1 GHz processor  with 768 MB of RAM— to keep things  running fast and smooth.
  • Dolby Mobile surround sound– For awesome sound
  • Mobile hotspot– For sharing that 4G goodness with up to 8 other WiFi devices you own like your laptop or iTouch.
  • 40 GB of storage out of the box!– We’re talking 8 GB built-in and an additional 32 GB(!) on a microSD card. Yeah, you can store a ton of music, movies and pix on here.

But here’s the best part: Verizon’s 4G data plan? It’s unlimited internet for the same $29.99 a month you’d be paying for unlimited internet on a 3G-only iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry. Yes, unlimited internet at 5x faster speeds for the same price. And unlike Sprint, Verizon isn’t charging an additional $10 “premium data” fee for the right to use their 4G network.

So there you have it, Verizon’s first 4G phone will finally be at your local Verizon store in 2 days. You gonna go pick one up?

Verizon Introduces 4 New Incredible 4G LTE Phones– All the Info You Need to Know

verizon 4g lte

Verizon users– AT&T’s 4G announcement get you down? Can’t wait any longer to find out about YOUR 4G phones, on the speedy Verizon 4G network (which offers incredible speeds of 5-12 Mbps! Like the speed of the internet in your house just everywhere!)? Don’t worry, Verizon’s got you covered, today announcing 4 new true 4G LTE phone. What you waiting for? Read on!

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