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Apple Announces The Next iPhone– Meet The iPhone 4S

iphone 4s

Here it is, the news everyone’s been waiting for. Apple’s has just announced the next generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S. On the surface the iPhone 4S looks just like any iPhone 4, but like with the iPhone 3GS, Apple has made some major changes under the hood here, changes that will change the way we use technology forever.

So what are you waiting for? Read on for everything you need to know about the all new iPhone 4S!

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White iPhone 4 Finally Coming This Week?

white iphone 4

The white iPhone 4– is it finally almost here?

If you’ve been waiting for the iPhone 4 to finally come in a color not black you’re lucky day may be finally almost here. After several delays since it was first announced last June, rumors are building that the white iPhone 4 may finally be released this week. These latest rumors come courtesy of reports in the Wall Street Journal (an actual reliable source) quoting Apple that the white iPhone 4 will indeed still be released this Spring and that it was not “killed off” as was previously rumored, and a listing on the UK carrier Three’s (which currently offers the black iPhone 4) site for a white iPhone 4 available for pre-order with earliest delivery on April 20th (or this Wednesday. The listing has since been pulled and reports are also saying that it won’t come until next Tuesday, April 26th).

This of course also further fuels the rumors that the iPhone 5 won’t be out until this fall which I am more inclined to believe ever since Apple said the white iPhone 4 was still on its way (I mean, Apple’s not the type of company to release a phone and then update it less than 2 months later). So in short: the white iPhone 4 is still coming and don’t be surprised if we see it this week. Anyone still excited about this?

Verizon iPhone Is The Most Awkward iPhone Launch Yet

Well this must’ve been incredibly awkward. Usually when Apple releases a new iPhone the lines start for days and run around blocks of streets and floors of malls. Apparently that was not the case yesterday for the Verizon iPhone, one of the most anticipated phones seemingly ever.

The video you see above is one of the scenes from Apple and Verizon stores yesterday all across the US– lots of anticipation for crazy long lines, few to zero people actually showing up. The above YouTube video (via ojezap) was taken yesterday from outside the Apple Store at the Mall of America in Minnesota, and here’s a shot CNET got of the Apple Store in NYC– both right around the time when doors were supposed to open at 7 AM.

cnet nyc apple store verizon iphone launch

Oh, and here’s the scene at the same NYC Apple Store in the middle of the day (read: hours after the doors opened) last year when the original iPhone 4 launched (Pic via CNET).

iphone 4 launch nyc cnet

Yes, that long group of people almost at the street is the line!

Of course this could just be because of the freezing and otherwise really bad weather seemingly all across the country (compared to last summer’s launch weather when  it was a little hot but otherwise clear and sunny) and people have decided to wise-up and have the phone shipped right to them instead (which with pre-orders for the device selling out we’re sure a ton of people did). Regardless, yesterday must’ve been some kind of let down for all those people who woke up early to try to beat these “lines.” (On the bright side though, we’re sure they had no trouble finding a salesperson to help them!)

Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC Inspire 4G Appear on Amazon– Releases Getting Closer?

Motorola atrix 4g amazon

Well that was quick. Yesterday Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha said that the Atrix 4G will be coming sometime next month, and today we’ve got an appearance on Amazon— with a possible price and release date to boot. And it gets even better. The price? $149.99, which is ridiculously awesome for a phone like this (we for sure thought it would be the standard high-end smartphone price of $199.99, or possibly more considering all the power that’s in here). Oh, and the release is pegged at possibly February 11th, which is a lot earlier than the “late February” said by Motorola yesterday. Perhaps this is AT&T’s way of countering some other big cell phone launch a day earlier?

htc inspire 4g amazon

Oh, and HTC’s new 4G phone for AT&T, the Inspire 4G, has also been spied today on Amazon, and while we haven’t gotten a release date on this bad boy, a leaked possible price of $99.99 makes this one heck of a choice for a new phone too.

We’ve reached out to Motorola and HTC for comment and will update if we hear anything back. Until then, consider all of this to be just rumors and very subject to change. But if the Atrix and Inspire did launch for these prices would you go for it as your next AT&T phone (and if your thinking of switching to Verizon for the iPhone 4, will this help you to stay with AT&T)?

T-Mobile Wants to Help You Choose Between a Verizon iPhone and an AT&T One

Having trouble choosing between getting that new Verizon iPhone or going for the AT&T one? Well, T-Mobile (whose not new at attacking the iPhone and AT&T with ads) has put out a new ad today to help, touting their speedy myTouch 4G, fast 4G network and $10 200 MB data plan (the cheapest of any of the carriers data plans and great if you want internet but are mainly using it for email, IM, light web browsing– like going to ESPN or Facebook– and not watching a ton of YouTube or video chatting when not on WiFi).

Of course, if you’re on T-Mobile and really wanted only an iPhone 4 as your next phone you’d have to think about either switching to Verizon or AT&T (or unlocking one and using it on T-Mobile’s much, much slower 2G– not 3G or 4G– network), but something tells me that’s not the message T-Mobile is going for here.

Watch the video of the ad above and let us know what you think.

Verizon iPhone 4 Is Official, Launches February 10th

It’s official, Verizon will be launching the iPhone 4 beginning early next month.

Starting February 3rd, existing Verizon customers can pre-order for the February 10th launch date for everyone. Pricing will be the normal $199 for 16 GB and $299 for 32 GB with what appears to be the same data plans Verizon requires for their other smartphones ($30 unlimited, $15 for 150 MB. This still though may change. UPDATE: Verizon has been making a point to clarify that no data plans have been announced yet for their iPhone 4, so as we wrote above, it may be the same as any other Verizon smartphone or it may have new data plans. We’ll keep you updated once they announce final pricing).

As for what type of iPhone it is, it’s the same black iPhone 4 AT&T’s had for months just with the ability to use Verizon’s network (with some antenna changes to reflect this– let’s hope this also gets rid of the antenna problems of the first iPhone 4) and a new Personal Hotspot feature that let’s you finally turn your iPhone 4 into a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices (so you can share your iPhone’s Verizon 3G with your laptop, friends iPod, etc.). Otherwise, same 5 megapixel camera, Retina Display, front camera for video chat, etc.

And yes, its like every other Verizon 3G phone so you can’t do a call and go online at the same time.

More info at Verizon’s site here.

The Verizon iPhone is Coming Tomorrow: What We Know (and Don’t Know) Right Now

verizon iphone rumor 2

It’s almost time. In under 24 hours the 4 year-long wait for Verizon to get the iPhone is expected to finally be over (with respected news outlets like the Wall Street Journal already confirming that the iPhone will be what Verizon announces tomorrow). While it’s been one heck of a ride, there are a lot of questions regarding how things will work for a Verizon iPhone. Questions like which iPhone will it be, when will it be available and what kinda of data plans will be available.

We’ve got all those answers and more, Q&A style, after the break.

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Verizon Holding Big Event in NYC On Tuesday– Is this for the Verizon iPhone?

verizon iphone rumor

You’d think Verizon would have gotten all of its major phone announcements done yesterday with their big 4G phone unveiling at CES. Nope, word is that they’ve just sent out invites for an event next Tuesday that would just so happen to be almost 4 years to the date that Apple introduced the first iPhone (January 9th back in 2007, January 11th here. Both also Tuesdays). Is this coincidence or a hint of some kind?

Apple noticeably has always had their own January events after CES in years past to introduce major new products (like the iPad last year), but holding a special event for what’s said to be just a Verizon version of the current iPhone 4 doesn’t seem to make much sense for them. Verizon on the other hand, yeah, we can see why they’d want a big event for this.

Throw in videos leaking this week supposedly containing new iPhone 4 parts possibly for a Verizon iPhone (with noticeable changes to where the antennas are on the outside of the phone so as not to have the same antenna problems the AT&T iPhone was plagued with), Apple banning vacations for employees in the first week of February (something they’ve done previously right before they were about to announce a new iPhone, iPad or other huge product), and things look to be pointing more and more to a Verizon iPhone being announced any minute now.

You can make sure that whatever happens we’ll have it all covered back here, so make sure to check back. In the meantime, who’s excited for what might happen on Tuesday?

Skype Video Calling Finally Coming to the iPhone Next Year? Is it because of Verizon?

This has been one of the biggest things anyone with an iPhone 4 or 4th gen iPod Touch have been waiting for– the ability to make video calls from your iDevice to anyone, anywhere on Skype. Today, Engadget got hold of a “Help” document from the Skype site detailing this long-awaited feature, which if we had to guess, we’d probably here a lot more of in the coming weeks at the big CES show in Vegas in 2 weeks.

Now what can we expect in this new app? Well, looking through the now pulled doc.\, we came across this awesome little bit of info:

The quality of the video you send and receive from your iPhone will depend upon the quality and bandwidth available on the WiFi or 3G network you are connected to (emphasis ours).

Yes, this is 3G video calling– something Apple’s own Facetime can’t yet do (though Apple did say it was coming in 2011). There also is mention of video chat working on the iDevices that lack front cameras like the iPad, iPhone 3GS (which will use the rear camera) and older 3rd generation iPod Touch as long as they have iOS 4.0 or later– meaning you can even have one way video chats on your older iDevice (which is also quite awesome that they’re spreading the video chat love). 

And just one other little rumor to throw out there– could Skype for iPhone video calling have anything to do with Skype and Verizon’s big agreement and a Verizon iPhone being finally on the way? Looking through this doc, I did come across some interesting lines of text–

wapl_referenceKey=SKYPE_FOR_IPHONE&wapl_referenceKeyDesc=Skype Mobile For Verizon

which weren’t on the normal source version of the current Skype page for the iPhone.

Let’s hope all of this is answered soon, but in the meantime check out the doc for yourself here (note: the page is in text as Skype pulled the full-page after it all got leaked. When you web browser asks you what to open the .php file in choose Internet Explorer or other web browser).

Breaking Down the Latest Round of Verizon iPhone Rumors

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard that Apple has released a new iPhone and that this new iPhone has been having some problems with keeping a signal when you hold it in your left hand. Of course, any new iPhone– and particularly any new iPhone problems– brings out the rumors of Apple finally adding another carrier to their cell phone world, with most of the rumors focusing on a particular carrier that’s red and rhymes with Shmerizon.

Yes, the Verizon iPhone rumors are alive and hotter than ever; with many top, well-respected publications (like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg) chiming in by saying that a Verizon iPhone is on the way– and really soon.

So what are these rumors and what do we think of them? Read on for the full scoop.

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