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Updates to Firefox and AIM

In the past week, as well as in this coming week, AOL and Mozilla have been and will continue to release updates to some of their more popular programs- AIM and Firefox. Click the more link for all the info.

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Updates for Windows XP and Vista

Well today Microsoft officially (not from some website or file sharing program like BitTorent) released some updates or Service Packs for its XP and Vista operating systems. Both updates are basically a bunch of little fixes to the respective OS, but for all of you with XP, you may actually see some increase in speed by 10 percent (basically your computers will run much faster and better). To get these Service Packs, all you need to do is go to Windows Update (for XP users it is in Start- Control Panel- Windows Update (in the lower left), and in Vista it is in Start- All Programs- Windows Update) and click Check for Updates. A note for Vista users: you should download the update through Windows Update because Microsoft is actually sending out the Service Pack customized for your computer so that it can handle it well (though it may not be today so you should be checking periodically). Also for both XP and Vista users: Make sure you back up your computer if you can, because as the updates are real and should work, you can never be too carefull.

Ok then, so enjoy the update and let us know in the comments if you notice anything new or better like faster starting up times, or anything else.

CES and Macworld- What they mean to you and the future of technology

During the coming days many of the upcoming products in technology like cell phones, video games, computers, TVs etc. will be announced and unveiled to the world. There are two events that really showcase this, and those are the International CES show, and Apple’s Macworld Expo. Some of the products announced at those events include: Windows Vista, Motorola Razr V3xx for Cingular (now ATT), Verizon V Cast TV, Mac OS X Leopard, iPods, iPhone among many others. We”ll be checking up on a lot of the news going on down there at CES and Macworld from sites like,, and as well as others. Since both of us are in “finals mode” right now and can’t post often enough to cover everything, we will try help summarize some of the main announcements and what they mean for you, at the end of the week.    

apple-macworld-logo.jpg    ces-logo.jpg

Apple Macworld Logo from 2007       CES Logo 2008


Tips for Picking a New Computer

As the holiday sales continue and computers go on sale, here a couple of things to consider when getting a new computer (desktop or laptop):

1. At least 2 GB of RAM if you are getting Vistas’ Premium, Business, or Ultimate, and Mac OS X Leopard. If you are getting Vista Basic 2 GB will not hurt especially if you want to upgrade later to a higher version of Vista. The more RAM you have the smoother your computer will run in terms of both speed and overall ease of use.

2. Hard Drive of at least 80- 160 GB. A standard for today is 160 GB and you can even find computers on sale in stores with more space. Just a note: If you plan on using your computer for a lot of music, videos or pictures, the more space you have will be better. A space of 160- 320 GB or more would be good. Read the rest of this entry