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zzzPhone Review- Windows Mobile Phone

Well after a few other posts we’re back to finish our 3 part series on the zzzPhone. For those of you who are reading this for the first time we have 2 other parts in this series- the zzzPhone Standard review, and an interview with a zzzPhone head Jesse Nowlin. Now lets get to the main topic– the Windows Mobile 6.1 zzzPhone.

zzzPhone Windows Mobile version

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Jesse Nowlin zzzPhone Interview

So here is part 2 of our zzzPhone info series, the interview with Jesse Nowlin who has a big role in the company. We talked to him in this interview from everything from how he got involved to future products to advice for some of you out there who want to get involved in something like this now. Click on the more under the picture for the whole interview.

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zzzPhone Review- Standard model

Two days ago we said we would write a review of these phones-TV/Standard and Windows Mobile-and also an interview with one of the members in the company. So here is the first part of that with the review of the TV/Standard phone. PS you’ll notice some bold text throughout the post (like here), that is some of the main or interesting points that the “skimmers” out there may want to notice.

The zzzPhone!

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First Look- zzzPhone

Here is something that is completely new for us here at TeenTechBlog, a first look and “hands on” review of a product. The device we have here is a whole new cell phone concept out of China called the zzzPhone. What the zzzPhone does that separates it from all the other cell phones from manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple , is that the zzzPhone allows for the buyer to choose the features the buyer would like in their cell phone. An example of some of the features available to be customized are the camera (standard is 2 megapixels, but could go up to 5 or 7, and there is also an option to get rid of the camera all together and save $11). There are also many other features to choose from and we will be getting to them in the coming days with a review of this model and the smartphone Windows Mobile version (also touchscreen with a 2 megapixel camera, but also ships with the latest and greatest version of Windows Mobile… 6.1!). In the meantime here are a few pictures of both phones with more coming with the review and interview with a fellow teenager Jesse Nowlin who just so happens to be working in this company (and also hooked us up with the phones).

Click on the more link for some pictures- smartphone is the one with the full keyboard.

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